The New Year's Eve Agenda

Village Underground will be transformed into a wartime air shelter, including a swing dance hall, a live music stage, and a bunker complete with sandbags, searchlights, blackout curtains, oil lamps and military bunk beds. Ration books will replace bar menus and scarce provisions will line the walls.

Throughout the night, there will be big bands on stage and a darling acoustic trio, performing 40s renditions of current songs. Ladies and gentlemen can perfect their 40s starlet and wartime hero makeovers before letting loose with our complimentary make-up artists and there will be wartime rations to keep jitterbugs going all night. 

In between acts, there will be a period 1940s DJ and a big celebration at midnight that Churchill would be proud of.


Monday 31st Decemeber

Bunker opens 9pm, floorshow and entertainment from 10pm

Optional dance class from 8pm

Blackout till late